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VBmediators will be moving to the Netherlands / Belgium in the near future. As a result, orders for new mediations / arbitrations / negotiations that must take place physically in Aruba, can no longer be accepted. Thanks for your understanding.

E.J. Boessenkool and J.J. Verhoeven can be used part time for mediation on Aruba, because they continue to fulfill part of their current positions. This ensures that they remain actively involved with Aruban society and that they are also able to offer a favorable rate. * the hourly rate for mediations amounts to individuals Afl.149, incl. BBO, and for businesses Afl.199, excluding BBO. * the hourly rate for arbitration cases amounts to Afl.299, excluding BBO. * the hourly rate for negotiations is Afl.399, excluding BBO. In mediation it is customary for both parties to pay half the fee each, but in consultation this can be deviated from. Payment arrangements are also possible. If a different location on the island is chosen, the extra time will be charged.


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