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Operating from the borderlands of Belgium and the Netherlands, we put in years of experience to bring conflicts to a succesfull conclusion

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About VBmediators

Edwin Boessenkool and Jack Verhoeven are both mediators with a broad professional background. We have extensive experience in mediating disputes.

During our career (management and board positions, legal profession, judiciary), we have experienced that in almost all cases, it is more satisfying for parties to come to a jointly supported solution to their dispute than letting a third party make a (legal) decision.

Sometimes the relationships between parties have deteriorated to such an extent that an intervention by a mediator is necessary in order to bring the parties together again and come to a joint solution. To be able to exercise this role as a professional mediator, we both succesfully completed the training for MfN mediator in the Netherlands. The Federal Mediation Commission (F.M.C.) in Belgium also accredited us. Both the MfN and the F.M.C. guarantee our quality through compulsory training, a code of conduct and disciplinary law. We are also members of the Carribean Mediators Association.

In addition to the current work in Belgium and The Netherlands, Edwin Boessenkool also offers arbitrations and negotiations. Jack Verhoeven can assist as a consulting partner in these matters.

It is our view that mediation should be accessible to everyone. Financial issues or physical distance can not be a barrier and therefor we feel there is always something we can work out.

Our office is in Arendonk, in the Belgian province of Antwerpen, jùst across the border from Reusel in the Dutch province of Brabant. Initially we focus on requests for mediation in the provinces Limburg, Brabant and Antwerp in Belgium and Noord-Brabant, Zeeland en Limburg in the Netherlands. But, of course, everyone is welcome.